Group Online Training (12 week session)

For $30/week, you get:

  • Weekly one hour group consultations via Skype
  • E-mail communication
  • Food journal review (bi-weekly)
  • Your workout routine will be updated as you progress
  • Nutrition guidelines, resource guide, and 2 week sample meal plan
  • Access to the member-only portal, including our video library of exercise demonstrations, workout routines, and more!

What’s different about group training:
Rather than receiving individualized attention, you will be sharing face time with your trainer with up to four others. However, since we form groups based on goals and experience your workout routines and nutrition will be similar and you may find that hearing answers to the questions of others on your team just as useful! Rather than going over each group member’s food journal at each meeting, we’ll pick two to review so that no one lacks guidance for an extended period and everyone benefits from hearing about it (maybe it’ll even encourage you to improve your diet faster)! In summary, you will give up some individual attention but you will get the support and friendly competition of others with the same goals.

You will need to make sure that you can use Skype video chat (free), that you are willing to keep a regular food journal, and that you are able to commit to twelve weeks of meeting at the scheduled time.

Groups starting in May:

Team Gorilla (Goal: Build Muscle) OPEN
Team Gazelle (Goal: Lose Fat) OPEN
Please contact us if you’d like to join a team!